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Dear Diary,

Published on 10 May 2020 at 22:00

It is now Sunday, May 10, 2020 (Mother's Day), I haven't written any diary stories for a long time. Because for me it was mainly bad days and moments in my life that I had to write off or get rid of. And I have felt very good and comfortable in my own skin for a long time. So I put my diary aside for a while. I have been able to process my past with the help of professionals and I am happy that I am now on the better hand and can really start building my future.

Today was a very nice day. By now you have read on my homepage that I am very happy with my dear fiancé. I'm really in love over the moon and that just feels really nice. It finally feels good as if life is on our side for a change. We went to my father's first this afternoon. Just gave the Mother's Day gifts for my bonus mother. Dad's wife, he married this in 2017, really feels like a bonus mom to me and I think she's really there for us when we need her. And even though my own mother sadly passed away in 2017 from cancer .. We did get a very cool, sweet and caring bonus mother. And it's Mother's Day for her too, so we also have to put her in the spotlight! And of course we just did that for a while, she was really pleasantly surprised and of course it was not necessary. But I think it's just right. And I was pleasantly surprised that she was very happy with it too!

After that we arranged to meet with my fiancé's parents and by parents I mean his treasure of a mother and bonus father. Because in this family too, the parents of the kids separated at a young age. And they have received an incredibly cool, pleasant and caring bonus father. Really to speak of luck, because with many families this can also go completely wrong. Like with my mother and stepfather, my stepfather (the name says it all, hey) I was never so lucky. I think it's great to see that it can also turn out differently for many families and it's really nice to see that it can also bring a lot of happiness. It was a very exciting day, especially for my fiancé! Because today was the day he was going to tell his mother that we are getting married next year and he had something important to ask his mother and brother. My fiancé was particularly afraid of what wouldn't happen, would Mom get mad at all or would she have to think about it or would she jump for joy. It's especially exciting because you just assume the bad and maybe it's not that bad..

It was very emotional, that's what I love about him so much. He shows his real emotions, nothing about him is fake. He continues to show his real feelings, if he is sad then he is also honest about this. And if he is happy or happy, you see this right away because he has such a beautiful smile. If you met him, you would hope that he was still single and that you would have been just as happy and happy as I was. But luckily for me I found him earlier. We are made for each other. It went really fast between us. We were inseparable in less than a week. And many people were shocked by this, but we are now 11 months further and still very happy with each other. And that is the most important, how we feel ourselves. That's what it's all about in the end. In any case, it was not a no.. But his mother had to let it all sink in and if we are still so happy next year then she is of course the witnesses and his brother immediately said YES. Was also to be expected, so close, a real brotherhood. But we also understand his Mother's reaction very well. It goes fast, of course. We have been engaged since August 2019 and together since June 2019. The wedding is next year! So that will take at least a year :-)

We then had a nice chat with them all and had a delicious barbecue, especially for us! Really love them very much. We really missed them very much! It really was a long time ago. And we have so much on our minds the last few days that we really needed this for a while. It's really nice to have fun with them all again. Nice weather, sat in the garden with them all. Eventually at home I immediately dived into all the papers, immediately getting all the save the date cards in order. Because now I can finally shout it from the rooftops: WE'RE GETTING MARRIED! How nice that feels, no more secrets. Just everything open and honest. We have already managed to plan a lot. Location is already fixed. And we do it as cheaply as possible, which is really great! And many helping hands from friends whom I will soon be asking to be bridesmaids at a dinner party. I have already asked my father to give me away and my brother and sister are my witnesses and my sister is our master of ceremonies. And I have yet to ask relatives to be flower girls. We can already imagine it and we are really looking forward to it.

Posted on: 10-05-2020

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