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Dear Diary,

Published on 11 May 2020 at 01:00

It is still night, the night from Saturday to Sunday May 10, 2020 (Mother's Day). And I'm very active, really have energy for 10 people. And I write that as usual. I'm actually just fine with this. But I feel so comfortable in my own skin. This must of course be shared with you (my followers)! This week I happened to be on LinkedIn again and by chance I ended up in my inbox where I was approached by a recruiter from the Royal Netherlands Air Force.

Of course you don't see that every day that someone is approached for a job with the Royal Netherlands Air Force. That's what I call a unique opportunity, an opportunity that I won't just pass up. As a child I always dreamed that I would later work in the Navy, only I am sea sick .. So I really don't see myself working in the Navy haha. I always indicated that I would like to join the army, but then I would like to join the Air Force. But I always chose easy jobs. Such as call centers or KPN's live chat. But then I became ill without a diagnosis (until now). And nothing comes out and I end up in a rut that is difficult to get out of. I do nothing for days, you lie in bed but at some point you have no motivation for anything. And that just has to change, that has to change, I have to change!

There is so much better in life than lying lifeless in bed for days with no purpose. It just makes you lazier and that's something I just don't want anymore. There must be discipline in my life, change, get motivation again for a goal that I have to achieve. I will be 26 years old this year. I'm headed for old age I was told today as a joke. But it's true of course, I'm going towards 30.. And I think I really haven't achieved anything so far. I have not achieved a single goal in my life that I can be proud of and say: Yes, I really wanted to achieve that. Sure, I've lived abroad before, which most people my age can't say. I also worked there and had a lot of fun and got to meet people. But there must be a better purpose in life. Surely it can be better, more beautiful and more awesome? And you have to chase your dreams. And especially if it is offered to you.

I received the following message in my LinkedIn inbox on April 22, 2020:
Hi Sophie-Margot,
You will probably never have thought of it, but with your training we have great challenges for you within the Royal Netherlands Air Force. An important and versatile role as Non-Commissioned Officer Flying Equipment Technique, where you ensure that all safety and life-saving means with which the Royal Netherlands Air Force operates are in tip-top order.Whether you fly an F-35 or an Apache, life support is vital! Your role is crucial within the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Does this appeal to you? Then I look forward to your response. In the attachment you will find the job description. This includes the salary, extra allowances, days off and all other benefits that come with working for the Ministry of Defense. Of course I looked at your profile, but couldn't find all the necessary information, so I also added what I'm looking for.I look forward to your reaction!Sincerely,

Luke HR Advisor at the Royal Air Force

Unfortunately, I only found out a little later that I had received this because my notifications were off.. But, as soon as I saw it, I answered immediately. All I could think of was.. wait a minute, this has always been my dream I'll be stupid to let this pass!

My response was therefore the following on May 1, 2020:

Hi Luke,
It's really funny that you're telling me about this. One of my biggest dreams is to actually join the Air Force one day. I always had this dream as a child and have never forgotten it!
I just wonder if Petty Officer Flight Equipment Technique really suits me in terms of training etc. It does sound very cool and would love to hear more about it! I happen to know the video from YouTube because I already researched about working in the military a few years ago.
But it does appeal to me. I've looked at the job description and this really appeals to me! And I have indeed obtained a mbo level 2 diploma. And not actually studying or working at the moment.
Sincerely, Sophie-Margot

From there I received another message from Luke on Wednesday 06 May 2020:

Hi Sophie,
Thank you for accepting my message. We are delighted that you are interested in the above position. I think your profile is a perfect match for this position, I would like to explain this over the phone.
I think it's a good idea to schedule a phone appointment this week or next week, so that we can go through the details together. I would love to hear when it suits you best.
I look forward to your reaction.
Have a nice day & stay healthy!

Of course I responded immediately and next Tuesday at 11:00 we have a telephone appointment to get the position explained by telephone. And of course going through all the details and checking out how I can apply for a job and what is going on. Because if you know defense a little? Then you know that a lot of medical, psychological and safety tests are preceded. Especially because you really need to be screened to see if you really have what it takes to work for the Royal Netherlands Air Force. I also discussed it with my dad and bonus mom this afternoon and I think this will be a really good set for me. Something I really enjoy doing because I'm just very technical myself of course and I just say: Who doesn't dare, who doesn't win. You can always fall out or fail a test. But if you never try something, you will never find out. So we'll just have to wait and see on Tuesday and then we'll see, right?

And on Wednesday we are going to eat with my father and bonus mother, delicious salmon with asparagus! I'm really looking forward to it and hopefully then I will also have more news from the Ministry of Defense about how things will go on and how I should apply for a job, etc. I will hear all that, so that is very exciting if I say it yourself! I'm very curious and daddy and my bonus mom also asked if I could please keep them posted. So that'll be fine! For now, have a nice evening and for the night owls like me, have a nice night!

Posted on: 11-05-2020

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