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Dear Diary,

Published on 17 May 2020 at 17:30

Dear followers, how are you on this sunny Sunday? We are doing surprisingly well! We are slowly finding our peace again, but above all we have found our privacy again. Still some feelings of guilt or powerlessness that come up. But for now everything is going in the right direction!

Yesterday I had a very nice day planned with my Chief Bridesmaids, we went looking for a wedding dress for my wedding next year. We first had an appointment at Bridal Boutique Diana in Uden. Adjusted many dresses, and also took pictures (secretly). But still I didn't get emotional and I didn't have the wow effect of what it should have been. After adjusting everything, it turned out that there was one that I thought, yes that could be possible. But still I didn't quite know. I had intended myself, if it is him, then I will notice. I do get emotional, or I get tears of happiness, etc. In the end it wasn't quite him after all and we decided to close it here, grab some food and then go to Eindhoven for the Primark and Optician. Only we thought, maybe there is also an outlet store or something in Eindhoven. We called and it was no problem we could just come by.

Arriving in Eindhoven with the girls, we were received very warmly and welcome. A lot nicer than in Uden. I noticed that right away. And a super nice and nice lady who helped us. And we were allowed to take pictures and we were also allowed to choose and hang it ready and then she brought it to our fitting room. We were looking for my friends I haven't had very long, but they do know me really well, because the dresses that were chosen were really beautiful! In the fitting room I was helped by one of my spring bridesmaids, it all went very smoothly. I quickly went into dresses and climbed out again haha. And what princess dresses, each and every one. Until THE dress came. I fell in love immediately when I wore it, the fabric was super nice. And I also felt good in the dress, directly myself. The color looks great on me, the dress makes me taller, it fitted just right! Took some pictures, tried another one, but that wasn't it. And then we decided to put on THAT one dress again, add a veil, add a crown. And then it came, I looked to my right. And Lotte first started to cry, then Spring came loose. And I had a lump in my throat, just swallow and then I was also the Sjaak. There we were, 3 crying girls of happiness. Yes this was the WOW effect I was looking for, this is it. This is the dress.
Finally called daddy that I already found him. Dad told me they want to pay for half the dress as a wedding gift. I was speechless, couldn't even get my words out. We decided to go back, ask if they could put it behind me so I can pick it up later. But then it came, this was the only size, and it was actually a bit too tight at my waist. And they didn't know if there was even a bigger size. Researched, this was the largest size. It didn't go any higher, but I only had in my head, okay but this is MY dress. There is and will not be another, this is him, I must have this one.

Done.. Okay, several things happened, measured my measurements. I told that I am of course busy with my dream job. Be busy with sports and losing weight, I want to lose 15 kilos anyway, this is really important for myself and my own health. And with 15 pounds off, the dress size would be fine. Only where would I lose weight, in which places. Yes no idea? The main question was, if it all doesn't work with losing weight, the job, etc., is there a possibility that the dress can be explained and therefore made a bit bigger. That's why I get a call on Monday, by the tailor of the bridal shop Ann & John, to make an appointment to have my measurements taken again and then the tailor will take a look if it doesn't work now, the dress can be explained at all. Can the dress be made bigger? I had to put a deposit on the dress, half. And because we are in an uncertain time, they have indicated very exceptionally, the seamstress now says that this is not possible.. Then I get my full deposit back. If the seamstress says it is possible, my deposit will remain, and I can pay the rest when I'm done saving. That was really super sweet, then they just keep it in storage for me. And then when I have it, I can pay it and take it home or to my own seamstress. So that the dress can still be taken to length, etc. It's really nice that they ensure that I can hopefully wear my DREAM dress when the time comes.

Dear girls, again thank you so much for the super nice day, we laughed, cried and had a lot of love and fun. Can't wait for the day itself. But wait until Monday. And because I've been wearing quite a few dresses, which it really wasn't. I made a small photo impression of all the dresses that didn't make it. Have a nice day everyone

*other names are used for privacy reasons.

Posted on: 17-05-2020

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