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Dear Diary,

Published on 10 June 2020 at 23:00

It's that day again. When you've been trying to get someone's stuff out of your house for 1.5 months, but the person who has to take the responsibility is just too stupid, too lazy or as some describe it.. too sick to think logically at all .

What is so much trouble to get your stuff that you have put down here in such a short time, out again. When you are pushed because your house has been auctioned, and it has to go immediately because there is a time limit, nothing is wrong and you will get it 1, 2, 3 done. But when it blocks my house from living, it suddenly doesn't matter anymore. Then everything is possible, and you find it laughable to just wait a few more months.

You will never solve something yourself, you always let others do it for you. Just like you use other people's names to order your shit, you also use others to fix your mess. It is a pity that you are so in life, it is a pity that you think that others are going to solve everything for you and you don't have to perform a single thunder to come to a solution. I'm afraid you'll never change either. I think you're afraid to find out who you really are, you're hiding yourself. It is time for you to realize the misery you have created. What problems you have caused yourself and what are you going to do about it to solve all this again. If it's up to you... then you won't do anything, because it will always be up to the other person and never up to you.

We are now 1.5 months further, we have already given you several opportunities to sort things out and solve it in a normal way. But 1.5 months later you still have not achieved anything. You are still busy with yourself and not with another. When will you finally take your responsibility and realize that this can no longer be done and something must be done about it. When will you realize after 1.5 months that life doesn't stop with you but just continues. Your stuff has to get out of here, we have given you 1.5 months to pick up your stuff. Had 1.5 months to find a solution, arrange a bus, arrange the same porters from last time and take everything with you.

When your home was auctioned, you could also have all your belongings driven up and down to Volkel in a short 4 hours, including loading etc. What's the difference then? Exactly, nothing. You just have to take your responsibility. And settle your shit. How hard is it to arrange things? Well really not that difficult, you always say you have 5000 friends. If you actually have that many friends, some of those 5000 friends will probably want to help you move. How difficult is it to arrange a bus? I can arrange one of those if I want. You've got money, right? You throw the money over the bank, here and there you order everything, here and there you throw money despite a collection agency demanding more than 12,000 euros from you, you keep throwing money. I always think that's so cool that you can still do that.

I also have debts, I'll be honest about that. But the difference between you and me is. That I take my responsibilities. I'm going to talk to creditors, I'll pay off everything. I am constantly working on it. I'll just take it all in as far as I can. I'm always on it. You just leave it to your left, and claim high or low that everything is paid off. That you have no outstanding debts anywhere, while your creditors claim otherwise. It's crazy that you are contradicted by the higher power. Despite you claiming on your death that you paid everything off. Crazy is that, the effect of your lies. If you've been lying all together for ages, you'll start to believe it. And that's what's going on with you, everything you start to believe. You live in your own narcissistic world, and you believe everything. While it's all just lies built on top of each other.

We really hope you finally start to see that life isn't just about you, but about so many more people. That in addition to all your lies there is also a normal world going on. A world in which your things hinder a household. My house is a complete mess, because I can't lose anything anymore, I can't store anything anymore. When new furniture comes in, you have nowhere to put it. Because everything is confiscated. We have already given you the chance for 1.5 months. I'm even so good that I started requesting a quote for movers, otherwise all your stuff would be thrown down on the sidewalk in Volkel. But if you think about it all so lightly, then just stop for once. By this Saturday, June 13, your stuff must be gone from my house, or else I'll bring your stuff paid for by other people because you've used other people's names, and thus committed forgery, all straight to the garbage dump or to the thrift store. And then someone else can use the stuff you have worked hard for, according to your words.

Posted on: 10-06-2020

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