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Dear Diary,

Published on 8 July 2020 at 14:55

Went to a gym for the first time this morning. I signed up yesterday, and went straight this morning. I also immediately registered my friend, so that we can work out together in the evening and the weekend! Unlimited fitness + group lessons for 40 euros per month. It is a lot of money, but if you exercise at least 4 x a week, you will get the money out of it. Last night I received an app from a friend that he was going to work out this morning or we could meet at the gym at 10:00 am, of course that was no problem for me. So I had a nice shower and got up, had a nice breakfast (Skinny Yoghurt with apple and a glass of milk). From there you can cycle to fitness club Zaltbommel. This is located on the Hogeweg next to the van der valk Hotel in Zaltbommel.

Once there, my fitness buddy and coach were already there. Upon arrival, I had to have my account linked to a card, but this was fixed in no time. And now if you want to exercise, all you have to do is hold your pass in front of the scanner and it will let you through. This week Ilja has to do that for a while and then we can work out together from now on.

I started on the treadmill, just a warm-up. speed: 6.6 km, run for about 5 minutes and then do a cool down program for 3 minutes and move on to the next part. From here we went to lifting weights, you have to stand under it, put the bar on your shoulders and come up. First tried just with the bar, then threw 2 weights on it so that you were at a weight of 20 kilos. Then you had to bend your knees, so actually a kind of squat down, and slowly come back up. If I could choose this myself, I would have gone for less weight, but that friend of mine thought to throw it up for a while, nice and heavy and intense.
After doing this, we moved on to an exercise for your legs, putting 40 pounds of weights on the machine, lying down on the chair, then putting your feet on it, and pushing. So pull in (make sure you keep power and don't knock the whole thing on your head) and push forward, this 12 x 3 times. By the way, you have to do all exercises 12 x 3 times.

From here he thought I could pull myself up, well no, absolutely not. So I hung on to it, but it didn't get any more than that. So from there we went to a bench and worked with dumbbells. I also got tips from the fitness instructors who walked there. That I was doing it wrong, which would only make me feel it in my arms. If I want to feel it in my chest too, then I have to grab it differently. That tip helped quite a bit, it went a lot better after that, but still little balance. But you will learn that yourself, he said. with different weights 12, 7 and 6 kilos.

From here I did two more arm and chest exercises with a weight of 18 kilos and 27 kilos. Again 12 x 3 times. But it was a real hell, but I passed. Everything completed and after 2 hours of exercise, we both went home. When I got home I turned on the washing machine and turned the washing machine, and then took a bath. To make a lunch (light crackers with ham and filet american). And now I have a shoot with 3 boys aged 2,4 and 6 years. And then I go home for a while before I go to the action and my in-laws.

Just got home from dinner at my in-laws, cafeteria fries, not quite as it should be after a day of exercise. But I have kept a good track of my diet, and will eat healthy again tomorrow. And then it will be fine again. Now first 48 hours of rest to give my legs enough time to rest and develop before I go back to the gym. Ilja now also has a subscription, and we will work out together this Friday and maybe Sunday. Fancy!
In addition, we are still without WIFI, because our neighbor downstairs, who has requested new internet, and when connecting, just stole my line. And then fool herself that she couldn't prevent this.. sure, girl.. You knew this could happen, without any warning you're throwing our entire network out. Very nice dude.. Pfff, now spending days without internet, hopefully that will still work! It is nice to work from home, but it is no different. For now I wish everyone a nice evening and I'm going to relax!

Posted on: 08-07-2020

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