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Dear Diary,

Published on 16 December 2020 at 00:01

Good evening dear followers, it's been a while since I air my heart to everyone to read how my life is going. Bizarre to see that corona is still actively around the world. It's strange to see that people are still so concerned about it. I put down my concerns about that gene some time ago and it feels a lot nicer to live without the whining about the virus every time. Am I going to be vaccinated, is the question I regularly get asked. I'll just be direct and honest: No, I'm not going to vaccinate. Don't let poison in my body, it's crazy.

My life at the moment has become extremely hectic, despite my still undiagnosed diagnosis I have now started working again. I work on a 16 hour contract at the Xenos in Zaltbommel. Great job, nice shop and very nice colleagues! I just hit it! Unfortunately due to the press conference last Monday, our store is now closed and we will continue to work to close the store, but also to set up immediately for the new year. Because as far as we know, we will open again in week 4. And then you have to be ready for the reopening. We are also transforming 3 stores in our region into a food store, in order to continue like this and we are not allowed to throw away a lot of products due to this abrupt closure.

My temporary contract runs until January 31, I sincerely hope that I will get an extension on the temporary contract. But I hold my breath, because anything can happen to me this time. And you cannot accept certainties, because you are no longer certain at this time. And I understand this, if it doesn't go the way I hope it will for me. Tomorrow it's my turn again, working from 9 to 1800, in the store in Zaltbommel. It is possible that we still have to go to Overvecht in the afternoon, but we will hear about that. And then I can ride with colleagues, because I still don't have my driver's license.. And because of corona, my theory has now expired. So it all seems fine. It will come naturally.

Besides that, Christmas is coming.. this weekend two friends of ours are coming over. Pre-Christmas party. Cozy gourmet with them all and unwrapping gifts! Very excited. But with the working days (Wed, Thurs and Fri) ahead of us and especially working without a real goal, because absolutely nothing is known about how we are going to fill these five weeks. Really don't get it at all.. But luckily I'm not the only one. I don't understand anyway, why we are closed.. and then a HEMA or Action just open again, so far for 'hard' lockdown. We'll see in the coming days and what it will bring me and all of us, right? Just wait then .. I dive into my bed, tomorrow on time again! Sleep tight - x

Posted on: 16-12-2020

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