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Dear Diary,

Published on 25 May 2021 at 23:32

Dear followers, it's been a while since my last message! December 2020, we are now in 2021 and what a lot has happened in our lives. Not only many good things but unfortunately we also had some setbacks. But let's be honest.. who wouldn't ;-).

Let's start at the beginning, because of the hard 'lockdown' in the Netherlands, I lost my job at Xenos. Retail closed its doors exactly when my contract was to be extended. But I had a temporary contract and then of course people have to be kicked out. I was, unfortunately, but that's no different. In addition, I had become quite ill, a lot of stings which only caused more problems for myself, so not only was my contract not renewed, I was also quite ill. Reasons enough for them to stop. Sometimes you just have to accept such a setback and stop.

Sitting at home a lot, especially taking my rest completely to see if my pain and stings would resolve themselves. For a very long time this was not the case, I slept through the day and only got up once at night, my whole rhythm was off. Had to rebuild this little by little. But that hard lockdown didn't exactly cooperate. Then the curfew came on top of it, not that that curfew didn't stop us from going out and visiting family and/or friends. Fortunately we were never caught in the night, but secretly that feeling was very nice .. secretly bumping down the street in the middle of the night haha.

In the end I started applying again, unfortunately corona was quite disappointing, many companies where my work lies did not hire anyone or there were too many applicants and then I got nowhere. I noticed it was a bit disappointing, but giving up is not in me. So I just rambled on. In the meantime, my older sister bought a beautiful home in Utrecht with her boyfriend and I had enough freedom to help here and there (painting, odd jobs, etc). Luckily my aunt (who lives in the UK by the way) kept me busy making digital cards for birthdays of relatives and/or friends of theirs. So that's another rich activity.

A few weeks ago I started taking driving lessons, I can already drive on Thursday 17 June, I am taking lessons (4x a week) and in June, it goes to 6x a week. I feel good about it, but unfortunately I'm not that confident yet. I really need to let go of the stress and just believe and trust in myself. Because the instructor also says so often, you can do it really well, you just have to let go of your doubts. Luckily I still have some time to get myself there. I do notice that I do understand it here and then, but now I also have to act on it.

To end this blog on a nice note, I have the best news and that is that my grandfather will turn 90 next Thursday (June 3). Fortunately he is still with us, unfortunately his wife, my grandmother passed away last year from the effects of lung cancer. But despite my grandpa has severe dementia and there is still corona, we are going to have a big party with him! For now I wish everyone sleep well and see you next time!

Posted on: 25-05-2021

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