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Dear Diary,

Published on 26 June 2021 at 01:58

Dear followers, I'll be there again at 01:45 am on Saturday morning. The rules.. of the government.. have finally been reduced, but for how long.. we don't know that either unfortunately, but we enjoy it anyway!

We moved not so long ago, the house where we lived just cost way too much.. We just lost 1500 euros in the month including .. for so little. That was unsustainable in the corona time, we lost jobs and then it can't be done at all..

I had to go for my driver's license and unfortunately failed.. :-( nothing can be done about it! But don't worry, we'll just try again! We don't know how to give up!

Tonight we decided to go to The Republic, this is a kind of favorite pub in Zaltbommel, you can go out really well! But what have we tasted and enjoyed! Today we have a small party at home and afterwards we go to the "Republic". This has just become our place. We used to have the spider, unfortunately it is not there for the time being, but who knows.. For us the "Republic" just come home.

The manager is a top guest! And the service is really nice, you feel immediately welcome when you enter. Unlike Stadscafe, which is simply nothing anymore..

For now, sleep well everyone and see you next time!

Posted on: 26-06-2021

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