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Dear Diary,

Published on 1 November 2017 at 23:00

Dear Diary, how fast the months go! Just a little while and I will enjoy another week in Lisbon! I can't wait to get away from it all.. I've really had it here in the Netherlands. Today was a busy but educational day at work. I hope they get my password reset, because of course I can't do anything like that. In our group are very pleasant people, advantage; few have a committed relationship.

Tinder; well, what can I really say about it.. I have 400 matches, but not completely realistic anyway. Actually, I really should do something with it, but I think everyone just wants sex on that app. So nothing for me.

Tomorrow we have another training day at work from nine to four thirty. Time goes by pretty quickly on a day like this. So that's a good thing again. I sincerely hope that I can use my debit card again on Friday morning, it just doesn't work at the moment. If my debit card works again, I can also take them all to the Efteling. So it better go to work.

Such a guy on Tinder (Alain) is his name, he lives in the street of Club Kokomo in Groningen. Have very nice conversations with them, but who knows what it will end up with. No idea if it will only stay with digital conversations, probably it is! But on the 25th we're going out in Groningen, so maybe I'll run into him.

Dad and his wife skyped with me for a while, they asked how I was doing and how much money I still had. I just said that I didn't know anymore.. Because quite frankly, it was already gone. And what about then? Yeah, um.. no idea? Now I just hope my debit card will work again, then I can use it again..

Now just watch an episode of Cobra 11 and then go to sleep, tomorrow is a new day. And then we'll look further. Dear followers, sleep well and see you soon.

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