Sophie Margot Verleun

Graduated Graphic Designer

"What drives me to get the most out of myself?"

From the 90s. A passionate person with a hands-on mentality. A real go-getter, who always strives to get the best out of herself. I am neat, reliable and a real bon vivant. I am also a real team player, but I can also work very well individually.

Always looking to develop myself further, a development where I can use my unusual creativity, strong communication skills, communicative knowledge and passion with unparalleled attention to creativity. My ultimate goal is to keep developing myself and to make people feel safe, welcome and valued.

I am an inquisitive person, always open to feedback and use this directly to improve the quality of my work. I am accurate, I like conviviality and a nice working environment, but I also know exactly when to perform. I am a cheerful person with a positive outlook who is driven to get the best out of my life.

When people choose me, you not only get enormous work experience in DTP and Sales, but I am really looking forward to a pleasant cooperation in which we grow further together.



Travelling, how do you do it, what do you need for it and is it really as nice as people tell it. I can only give you an answer to this and that is yes. In 2016, I lived and worked in Bulgaria for 9 months and in 2017, I lived and worked in Portugal for another 3 months. All the experiences with travelling, living abroad have made me so much more mature. I was only 21 when I first decided to live abroad for 9 months for work and what a wonderful experience this was! You learn so much, you see the world from a different culture, different people, different architecture. Really beautiful and I would do it again. Now I use my free time to go on holiday with my boyfriend and explore the area, explore even more small, beautiful parts of the big bad world.


Photography, what is photography and do you really have an eye for it? I think so, I like to capture people who radiate happiness or sadness. But dare to show their real emotions. A mother with her son or brother(s) and sister(s). Just the moment I shoot the picture and you see the emotions coming off, that's what I do it for. For them.


Something that I am busy with every day is my creativity, an example of this is my graphic design. Hear Clinic is the company of my bonus mother and in the past I used to advertise and recently changed the logo and made door stickers for the opening of a new building in Nederweert. I also paint, on my page: you will find my painted wall decoration for your home or office.


Personal characteristics


  • Technical insight
  • Practical
  • Decisive
  • Social
  • Extrovert


  • Thinking logical
  • Helpful
  • Curious
  • Reliable
  • Fair


  • Creative
  • Sensitive
  • Confident
  • Initiative
  • Accurate


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Photoshop


Adobe InDesign


Adobe Acrobat


Adobe Lightroom


Microsoft Office






Native language


Native language